New Website

BG_Logo_sm (1)Hello all!

First, let me tell you that this webpage ( is going to disappear soon. The new website is up (even though it still needs work). Click here to go there now.

If you are subscribed to this website, please go to and re-subscribe to keep up with any updates about artists or new artwork, or other info. And if you haven’t subscribed before, we’d love to have you join.

Thank you for your continued support and for your patience during this business name transition.

Same Gallery, Different Name

Things are changing at Focus Gallery. The biggest change is the name.

Over the course of the next few months, this little gallery will be changing it’s name to…


It’s a business decision as it combines the gallery and Lisa Buchanan Photography (and all the services therein) into one business. And it makes work a heap easier for me, and a lot less confusing for my customers.

Buchanan Gallery will:
– display fine art by local artists
– display photography
– provide photography services, such as
1111~ Passport Photos (including firearms, citizenship, etc.)
1111~ photo scanning, editing and restoration
1111~ basic framing
– be one of two working studios for clay and wire goddess figures for WorthyHer.

The process of changing the name will create some challenges, I’m sure. However, I hope to have everything in order by the time the tourist season begins in May. Until then, the gallery hours are flexible. I am usually at the gallery or close by, but do not have full regular hours. However, if there is something that you need, such as passport photos, just call or text me at 902-874-2362, or message me on Facebook.

Thanks so much for your patience, and I look forward to seeing you in the gallery soon.


More Christmas Ideas

As of today, there are only 14 more sleeps until Christmas. And if you are like some, you may still have some shopping to do. We think we can help you with that!

Just arrived today, we have new pottery by Alison Stanton. There are lovely mugs, dishes and unique vases.
20151211_3372_edited_sm   20151211_3369_edited_sm

We also have a new product line by WorthyHer. These are beautiful little clay goddesses handcrafted here in Shelburne, NS. These little goddesses are designed for the purpose of “recognizing, influencing and enriching the self-worth and self-image of women“. Two goddesses are currently available – Genevieve and Rebecca.
The photos below show each goddess with her story and photo card.
Genevieve+Story+Card_sm   Rebecca+Story+Card_sm

There’s lots more to see in the gallery, so stop by and have a peek around.

Christmas 2015

Christmas surprises have arrived again at Focus Gallery. Lots of goodies for Santa to stuff in his sack and give to lucky family or friends to open Christmas morning. What kind of surprises? Well, let me show you…

We have wood carvings and folk art,
20151120_3202_edited_sm   20151124_3281_edited_sm

20151121_3242_edited_sm   20151124_3272_edited_sm

And some moose and elk antler carvings and buttons, plus jewellery made from antler and deer, moose, elk or rabbit poop. Yes, I said poop – preserved and delicately painted.
20151124_3273_edited_sm   20151124_3280_edited_sm

Share a Memory this Christmas
Don’t forget that Photo ornaments & pendants are available here as well. Just bring in a photo for scanning or send a digital file to me at  I have 2 new styles available this year. You can view them all by clicking here.

That’s just to name a few of the items here. So stop in and see what’s around. I’d love to help you with your shopping list.

Raku Firing Demonstration

This past Sunday afternoon (which was as hot as the hinges of…well, you know) a group of clay artists set up a raku firing demonstration on Shelburne’s waterfront. I mentioned how hot it was because for those of you who don’t know anything about the raku firing process, there is a lot of heat involved. Like, 1750 °F heat! But the results are worth the effort, always surprising and never what you expect, which is half the fun.

Take for instance this series of photos:
20150823_x3RakuProcess_smHere we see the same little clay pot (created by Lynn Wilson of Sandy Point Pottery) in three stages.
1) Has already been previously fired and ready for the raku glaze.
2) Various colours of raku glazes have been applied.
3) After the raku firing process.

This was a little clay pot that I got to play with. As you can see, the end result is quite different from what it looked like before being fired. Let me walk you through the process with some photos.

First, using propane, the kiln is heated up a bit. I say a bit, but let’s just say that if you touched it, you’d probably need a skin graft. Here we see clay artist, Andrew Newstead, heating up the kiln. Once it reaches a temperature of about 1700 – 1750 °F, the glazed pots are placed in the kiln through a hole in the top with a large pair of iron tongs. As you may guess, this process is dangerous. See the heat coming from the top of the kiln?20150823_1968_edited_smCassie Seaboyer, a 3rd-year student at NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) adds another glaze to a piece she created herself.20150823_1943_edited_smOnce the pieces are left in the kiln for a while (anywhere from 10 – 20 minutes), they are lifted out out with the iron tongs and immediately placed in a heatproof bucket or barrel containing a combustible material such as sawdust, wood shavings, dry seaweed, shredded paper, etc.20150823_1977_edited_sm Here Andrew is assisted by pottery artists Alison Stanton (left) and Lynn Wilson (middle). 20150823_2004_edited_smThis is where the magic happens. The red-hot piece of pottery catches the combustible material on fire. More of the material is placed inside and on top of the pottery followed by the lid. This cuts off the oxygen supply. The glaze oxidizes creating very interesting and beautiful effects.20150823_1999_edited2_smOnce the piece has sat in the oxygen-deprived environment for another 10 – 20 minutes, it is lifted out. 20150823_2040_edited_smAt this point, the piece can be left alone to cool. Murray Hagan, co-owner of Art Studio 138, uses a wire brush to sweep off some of the charred material from the pottery. 20150823_1993_edited_smThe process can be carried on a step further by shocking the still-hot piece of pottery in a bucket of water. By doing this extra step, the glaze reacts differently producing even more vibrant colours.20150823_2048_edited_smAs with all artwork, you can make many pieces but there will be that one really special piece that has turned out better than imagined possible. One of the favourite pieces produced this day was a piece by Lynn Wilson.20150823_2066_edited_sm20150823_2052_edited_smAnd here is Cassie’s finished piece.20150823_2018_edited_sm
Raku is a very unpredictable art. There are so many variables with heat, time, combustible materials and any number of other factors that the results can not be duplicated. Sounds like the perfect kind of art to me.20150823_1955_edited_sm

This was a very successful event. Visitors had the opportunity to paint glazes on a pottery piece with the option to purchase after the raku firing process. Some pieces are available for viewing or to purchase at Art Studio 138. When they hopefully do this event again, stop by and see for yourself the beautiful results of this artistic process. And hopefully it will be a much cooler day.

This was my first time seeing how the art of raku firing is done. If I have missed an important step or incorrectly/poorly explained something, please feel free to include your additions below in the comments. Thank you!

2nd Anniversary Celebration

Slider_Working_Summer2015-1_sm-textThe new summer exhibit is well on it’s way. Artwork has been set up, and new items will be arriving soon.

Artists include:

Val Atwood
Michelle Blades
Carter Boswell
Paul Chetwynd
Bill Curry
Ernie Dexter
Crow Eddy
Andrew Newstead
Darryl Swaine
and more to come…

On Monday, June 8th (9:30 am – 5 pm) are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary.
Come on in to see the new artwork, sign the guest book and have a piece of cake.
Everyone welcome!

Correction Note:
It seems that I have made an error as to what was the actual anniversary number. It is indeed Focus Gallery’s 2nd anniversary. But, here’s the reason for my error. It just so happens that Focus Gallery opened on the same day as my birthday on June 8th, 2013. There was cake, hugs, congratulations and well wishes. So even though it is the gallery’s 2nd anniversary, it is my 3rd “gallery birthday”. I will be turning 50 (Eek!!), so I hope you can forgive this “old lady’s” error, and stop by to view the new art and have a piece of cake. (I ordered chocolate cake, of course!)  All hugs will be accepted. :-)

Summer Exhibit Coming Soon…

SummerExhibit-poster01Things are happening at Focus Gallery. We’re getting ready for the Summer Exhibit.

This year, rather than have a new show that exhibits 3 – 4 artists every month or so, we’re going to display many local artists’ works all summer long and into the fall. This is exciting as the artists get much more exposure, and we get to show them off to many visitors over the season.

Every few weeks, one of the exhibiting artists will be highlighted. We have some return artists as well as some new ones, so it should be an exciting year. I was going to list them, but I’d rather let you be surprised when you visit.

Having said all that, Focus Gallery will be in transition until Friday, June 5 since there are a lot of artworks that need to be hung and arranged. This is always my favourite time because I never quite know how the exhibit will look until it is done. There are many decisions…”Should this piece go here or there?” “Does that piece compliment this piece?”…and so no, until somehow it magically comes together. I love this little beige box of a gallery, and how well it shows all the beautiful pieces that come through the door.

This year, on Monday, June 8th during the day (9:30 am – 5 pm) we are celebrating Focus Gallery’s 3rd anniversary. Stop in to see the Summer Exhibit and have a piece of cake. Everyone welcome!

EMERGE Student Art Show

EMERGE-poster02_Email&FBAmong the many local talents in Shelburne County are the young “up and coming” artists.

The next exhibit to come to Focus Gallery is called EMERGE. We are excited to showcase the work of some “emerging” Shelburne County high school students.

The opening will be next Tuesday evening (May 19th) at 6 pm.

The works will be on display until Friday, May 29th.


Also, if you haven’t been in to see the work of Su Rogers, her beautiful paintings will be on display until this Friday, May 15th.

Focus Gallery will be closed next Monday, May 18th for the May holiday.


Let the Season Begin

Cover_Emerge-FB_smHello everyone!

I hope you fared the winter well. But the winter curtain has lifted and spring has begun her dance with budding leaves and flowers poking their wee heads up from the dingy ground. Our spirits seem to be rising with them.

Focus Gallery had a busy winter with some workshops. There were 2 groups of six students who participated in creating their own mixed media projects with instruction by Janet Moore. You can see photos from the workshop by clicking here…

We will begin our season with a solo art exhibit by Su Rogers entitled Packing Salt Fish. Su is a talented oil paint artist from Lunenburg. Her works will be on display until May 15, starting with the opening on May 4 at 6 pm. Focus Gallery is proud to be the first gallery of three to display this traveling exhibit – next on the list is LaHave Bakery Gallery just outside of Bridgewater in July 2015, then Craig Gallery at Alderney Landing, Dartmouth in June 2016.

Next is a student art exhibit entitled Emerge. There will be artworks from Shelburne County high school students. Opening is May 19 at 6 pm. The artwork will be on display until May 29.

Focus Gallery will then be closed for a few days to get ready for the summer display. This year, instead of having only 3 – 4 artists displayed every month or so, Focus Gallery will display artworks from all exhibiting artists all season long. Individual artists will be highlighted throughout the season, so the display will be rearranged periodically. There will be a grand opening and anniversary celebration on June 8th. I’ll tell you more about this event in a few weeks.

With the opening of Su Rogers’ exhibit, we will also begin regular hours of operation.

Monday – Friday: 9:30 am – 5 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 2 pm
Sunday: Closed

May be open outside regular hours
during festivals or other events.

 We look forward to seeing you!